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Win-win and ongoing revenue

Through online subscription, support services, project cooperation and other ways, partners can obtain continuous commercial revenue, explore new markets and drive business growth.

Unlimited business opportunities around the world

KubeSphere users are in over 100 countries and regions, making it a globally influential cloud-native community. Through its overseas users and sales channels, partners can quickly enter new markets for marketing and promotion.

More promotion and brand exposure

Share the rich marketing resources of QingCloud Technologies and KubeSphere, including open source community, marketing promotions, events, technical media, and other channels, to make your brand known and accepted faster.

Integration and delivery for customization

In addition to online subscriptions, extensions in the KubeSphere Marketplace can also be packaged and released with the KubeSphere Enterprise for customized projects, thus to explore more opportunities for business development.

Partners we need

General domain partner program

Whether you focus on AIOps, DevOps, service mesh, Kubernetes Federation, logging management, edge computing framework, storage, networking, database, security or monitoring; no matter you are in a technology startup, a mature commercial company, or an individual developer, welcome to join us in building an open, free, flexible, and consistent container management ecosystem to help users better meet business needs and achieve innovation and development.

AI field partner program

KubeSphere LuBan, with its open and extensible cloud-native architecture, marks a new era of collaboration between KubeSphere and AI. Whether you offer machine learning platforms, MLOps platforms, LLMOps platforms, or specialize in GPU container virtualization, AI job scheduling, machine learning workflows, data caching, and acceleration technologies, whether you are an AI company in the industry or an AI research institution in academia, welcome to join us to build an AI cloud foundation tailored for AI scenarios in various industries, meeting the diverse and complex needs of enterprises in AI development and application scenarios.

Partner benefits


Partners are categorized into two levels—Certified and Premium. Premium partners will enjoy additional resources and support.


Partners are categorized into two levels—Certified and Premium. Premium partners will enjoy additional resources and support.






Promotional Resources
Promotional Resources
May get online exposure in the WeChat Official Accounts and community of KubeSphere, etc.
May be introduced to KubeSphere users by EDM and SMS.
Marketing Events
Marketing Events
May participate in events such as KubeSphere live stream, KubeSphere meetup, KubeSphere and Friends!
Get authorized use of the KubeSphere Marketplace Extension Provider badge (Certified or Premium).
Sales Model
Sales Model
Products/solutions may be included in promotional materials and product catalogs of KubeSphere Enterprise, and offered to customers as value-added options.
Products/solutions may be selected as the key ones to be promoted by the sales team.
May give sales training to KubeSphere's sales and channel teams.
More Computing Power
More Computing Power
According to your business needs, we will help you apply for discounts on high-performance computing resources from QingCloud Technologies.
Overseas Promotion
Overseas Promotion
May participate in overseas marketing events with KubeSphere.
May start overseas channel promotion with KubeSphere.
May publish your news through KubeSphere's overseas channels such as social media, technical communities, groups, official websites, and blogs.
Online Operation
Online Operation
May be recommended on the homepage of the KubeSphere Marketplace.
May be displayed on the page of the Extensions Development Plan.
May get specific data dashboards.
Use online research tools of KubeSphere Marketplace.
Participate in online promotional events of KubeSphere Marketplace.
Display partner logos on the partner logo wall.
Show the level of extension suppliers on webpages.
Dedicated eco-partnership manager, technical support staff, and marketing staff.1 person
Lightweight Kubernetes cluster resources (ranging from 2C4G to 8C16G, depending on availability).≤1000 hours≤5000 hours
Clear and complete developer guides, best practices, video tutorials, etc.

How to become a partner

  • Certified partner
    Certified partner
  • Premium partner
    Premium partner

Certified partner

If you are interested in joining the KubeSphere Extension Partner Program, please follow these steps to apply

Submit your application01
Submit your application

You should submit an online application , and sign the 'KubeSphere Marketplace Service Provider Entry Agreement' and 'KubeSphere Marketplace Service Provider Management Specifications' online.

Talk about details02
Talk about details

After the application is approved, we will invite you for an initial intention communication. The product, R&D, and business teams of both parties will discuss how to achieve cooperation on the KubeSphere platform, ensuring that the unique features of your product meet the customer requirements of the KubeSphere container platform.

Develop extensions03
Develop extensions

You should have a comprehensive understanding of the KubeSphere Extension Development Guide , in order to seamlessly integrate your product or open-source project into KubeSphere as an extension. Once your extension is ready and passes our review, you can publish it on the KubeSphere Marketplace to gain more business opportunities and market exposure.

Our partners

  • All
  • Database
  • Networking
  • Artificial intelligence / Machine learning
  • Security
  • Developer tools
  • Observability

Partner stories

The NSFOCUS Cloud-Native Security Platform adheres to the DevSecOps philosophy and the principle of shift-left security, providing continuous security checks and protection for container images, infrastructure, microservices, and networking, ensuring the security of containers throughout their entire lifecycle, from building and deployment to running. With deep integration into KubeSphere, it offers KubeSphere customers industry-leading cloud-native traffic threat detection features, groundbreaking capabilities for cloud-native automated penetration testing, and an exclusive integrated solution for cloud-native risk assessment and security protection.

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