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About KubeSphere

KubeSphere is a cloud-native distributed operating system that helps you build robust containers, leveraging Kubernetes at its core. Backboned by QingCloud Technologies Corp., KubeSphere has grown into an industry-leading container platform since 2018, gathering tens of thousands of GitHub stars.

Technology is what transforms enterprises and powers operations

On top of KubeSphere, we've built a comprehensive ecosystem for enterprise-grade cloud-native services. From KubeSphere Enterprise to KubeSphere Virtualization, and to KubeSphere Cloud, we continuously develop best practices for enterprises, covering cloud-native infrastructure, application architecture, and wide business scenarios. You can apply our services to diverse scenarios, such as multi-cluster management, DevOps, observability, microservices governace, edge-cloud collaboration, and AI.

Our users

We have hundreds of enterprise users in various industries, from finance, telecom, manufacturing, energy, logistics, to education. Our cloud-native KubeSphere product family is committed to offering end-to-end service capabilities and unified, professional technical support. Our goal is to enable fast iteration of cloud businesses and serve diverse industries in the real economy. What we power is digitalizing conventional enterprises and providing technical backbone for operations.

  • The People's Bank of China
  • Bank of China
  • China Everbright Bank
  • CM Financial Technology
  • Hua Xia Bank
  • SMIC
  • CICC
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • Beihang University
  • E Fund
  • Yunnan Tin Group Company Limited
  • Yunnan Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd.

About QingCloud

Listed on the SSE STAR Market (688316.SH)

As an industry-leading tech compnay, we provide cloud services and digital solutions for enterprises. By developing core code on our own, we integrate private and public clouds, implement hybrid clouds with consistency in features and experience, and deliver end-to-end cloud-native solutions. In March 2021, we got listed on the SSE STAR Market, featuring a pioneer in hybrid clouds. On the core values of innovation, neutrality, reliability, and flexibility, we've laid the cornerstone in the digital era.

Open source commitments

Since our story begins, we embrace open source and innovation, attracting groups of like-minded tech talents. In the belief that open source helps establish tech standards and raise a global consensus, we've launched over 60 quality open-source projects such as OpenFunction and OpenELB, and maintained the KubeSphere community with global influences. At QingCloud, we collaborate with global developers to advance tech, optimize product lifecycles, and fuel digital innovation in all scenarios.

Cloud-native pilots

Collaborating across lines of business is challenging. To build collaborative teams in infrastructure O&M, app O&M, and business development, KubeSphere Enterprise provides a solution to isolate workloads based on permissions. With KubeSphere Enterprise, you can enable granular access control in three-role mode. Users with different roles, from platform admins, cluster O&M personnel, to app O&M personnel can collaborate with each other.

  • Beijing, China (Headquarters)

    Floor 25th, Building Huiya, Area 16, Lize Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

  • Chengdu, China

    Building 11, Science and Technology Park of the UEST, Shuangxing Avenue 1, Section 4, Huafu Avenue, Shuangliu District, China

  • Wuhan, China

    Floor 12th, Building B, China Construction Science and Technology Industrial Park G3, No. 797 High-tech Avenue, Hongshan District, Wuhan

  • Shanghai, China

    Room 1711, CATIC Tower, No. 212, Jiangning Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

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