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Groundbreaking KubeSphere Enterprise

Open, extensible, and freely integrated

Groundbreaking KubeSphere Enterprise is open, extensible, and freely integrated

KubeSphere Enterprise (KSE) 4.1 is a new cloud-native operating system built by QingCloud Technologies, which has extraordinary epoch-making significance for KubeSphere. Based on the open and extensible architecture of KubeSphere LuBan, KubeSphere Enterprise 4.1 can easily achieve upstream and downstream linkage of applications, integrate various high-quality extensions from KubeSphere Marketplace anytime, and provide seamless business capabilities and highly consistent product experience.

Using KubeSphere LuBan, From Zero to Hero

LuBan, the ancestor of Chinese ancient craftsmen, is a symbol of the wisdom and creativity of the people.
KubeSphere LuBan is a distributed, cloud-native, open and extensible architecture that provides extensions with a hot-swappable microkernel.
Hope that through KubeSphere LuBan, enterprises and developers can get a professional, versatile, flexible and highly creative development and user experience.
Since then, all functional components of KubeSphere will be based on KubeSphere LuBan, seamlessly integrated into the KubeSphere console in the form of extensions, and maintained independently. Back-end APIs and front-end projects of any third-party extensions can be dynamically embedded into KubeSphere, making a real plug-and-play application-level cloud-native operating system.


cloud-native operating system


cloud-native operating system


cloud-native operating system


cloud-native operating system


cloud-native operating system


cloud-native operating system

  • Simple and lightweight architecture

    Simple and lightweight architecture

    A cloud-native operating system that can be easily run with just 2-core CPU and 4 GB memory. You can only install extensions according to the capabilities you want to avoid resource waste and use interference caused by extra functions.

  • Consistent product experience

    Consistent product experience

    KubeSphere Enterprise can perfectly integrate KubeSphere functional components or third-party business capabilities to improve decentralized workflow and bring a unique experience.

  • Powerful and versatile extension capabilities

    Powerful and versatile extension capabilities

    The extensions in KubeSphere Marketplace have been rigorously reviewed for high quality, and cover all aspects of the core business, helping users easily customize their exclusive operating systems.

  • Open and shared extension ecosystem

    Open and shared extension ecosystem

    Through comprehensive extension development guidelines and tools, companies or individuals can create personalized functional components at a very low cost, and quickly share or sell them online.

  • Commercial-grade reliability and service

    Commercial-grade reliability and service

    KubeSphere Enterprise has been verified by 100+ leading customers in the real production environment, which is trustful and reliable. In addition, it offers one-stop professional and detailed technical support services.


Empower enterprises with digital transformation and business innovation

  • Enterprise-grade resource and business management

    KubeSphere Enterprise supports managing Kubernetes clusters in any region or infrastructure such as cloud, edge, IDC, etc, which provides resources and applications of the cluster with fine-grained unified management, construction, operation and maintenance, and delivery. What is more, KubeSphere Enterprise has a 'privilege separation' multi-tenant permission system, which controls permissions at three levels - platform, cluster, and application for effective management and collaboration.

  • One-stack transformation and upgrade of cloud native

    All-in-one DevOps, out-of-the-box Service Mesh, containerized database, global resource observability, virtualization management, AI & cloud-edge collaboration... In cloud-native scenarios, the selection, promotion, application, operation and maintenance of technical solutions for each module have introduced a lot of difficulties to enterprises, KubeSphere Enterprise has a solid self-developed ecosystem and meets all expectations of a full-stack cloud-native foundation.

  • Highly free scenario-based expansion

    Based on KubeSphere LuBan, KubeSphere Enterprise supports hot plugging of the front-end UI and back-end API of applications, and the hot updating and hot repair of the front end and back end. Public methods can be reused, and the API supports dynamic registration. Users can flexibly and seamlessly integrate third-party operation logic or workflow into a unified control plane, thereby rapidly innovating scenario-based expansion capabilities.

  • KubeSphere Marketplace, cloud-native kaleidoscope

    KubeSphere Enterprise has the comprehensive KubeSphere Marketplace in it. Users can install extensions with one click and customize their operating systems in a block-building manner. What's more, users can make full life cycle operations for extensions in one stop, such as development and distribution, installation and upgrade, import and export, build and management.

Delivery models

  • On-demand subscription

    On-demand subscription

    Get the installation package of KubeSphere Enterprise without any pre-installed extensions, and subscribe any extension you want later.

    • KubeSphere Enterprise 4.0
    • More Extensions
  • Private deployment

    Private deployment

    KubeSphere Enterprise and extensions are packaged and delivered together. As the strategic partner of Ubuntu Canonical, it is compatible with multiple architectures and operating systems.

    • KubeSphere Enterprise 4.1
    • More Extensions
    • Compatible with multiple OS and architectures (x86, c86, Arm64)
  • All-in-one container machine

    All-in-one container machine

    It is out-of-the-box, and has the advanced container platform KubeSphere Enterprise, the distributed storage system NeonSAN and the file system U10000 in it.

    • KubeSphere Enterprise 4.1
    • QingStor NeonSAN
    • QingStor U10000


  • Documentation

    View product introduction, quick start guide, user guide, frequently asked questions and release notes here.

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  • Developer guide

    Learn the complete development process based on KubeSphere LuBan, including building a development environment, creating development projects, customizing functional components, and packaging extensions.

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  • Competitiveness analysis

    Read the competitiveness analysis of KubeSphere Enterprise 3.3.0 compared to other similar products, which is a valuable reference for the selection of a cloud-native foundation.

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  • Editions

    Learn about the functional comparison between KubeSphere Enterprise 4.1 and the open-source container platform KubeSphere to choose a proper KubeSphere edition.

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