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What is KubeSphere extension?

KubeSphere extension is built on KubeSphere LuBan for extending and enhancing the capabilities of KubeSphere products to further meet the various business needs of enterprises.

More Decoupled

The version lifecycle of extensions no longer depends on the KubeSphere version, so the extensions can be maintained and released more convenient.

More Flexible

Users can freely install extensions they need in KubeSphere Marketplace to create an operating system that meets their own needs.

More Free

By learning the extension development guide, users can create extensions suitable for their business scenarios at a low development cost.

More Consistent

Third-party business capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into KubeSphere, which improves decentralized workflows and brings a consistent experience.

More Open

Complete application release, online distribution and marketing capabilities are offered to build a friendly, open, and neutral cloud-native ecosystem.


Why develop KubeSphere extensions?

KubeSphere shares a series of partnership benefits with independent software vendors and individual developers interested in building high-quality extensions and growing their business through KubeSphere Marketplace.

Industry Impact
Industry impact

KubeSphere is a leading production-grade container management platform with more than 100,000 community users and top financial industry customers around the world. It is highly regarded and trusted in the cloud-native field.

Easy To Setup
Easy to build

KubeSphere provides developers with a wealth of self-developed and third-party tools to quickly build extensions based on KubeSphere LuBan and seamlessly integrate them into KubeSphere.

Sell Online
Online sales

By KubeSphere Marketplace, traditional software companies and individual developers can quickly take a critical step in online distribution, operation, and sales, and get sustainable recurring revenue.

Cooperation Expansion

KubeSphere offers a bridge connecting partners and overseas customers, helping explore technology, solutions, marketing and other opportunities together in a larger market.


Development of KubeSphere extensions

KubeSphere provides a full and efficient extension development process, which mainly includes four steps: setting up a development environment, creating development projects, customizing extension functions and packaging extensions.

Setup The Development Environment
01Set up the development environment

KubeSphere has self-developed tools such as create-ks-project and ksbuilder, as well as third-party tools such as Node.js, Helm, and kubectl. You can quickly set up the development stack on KubeSphere LuBan.

Create A Project
02Create a development project

KubeSphere provides a simple and easy-to-use extension development method. The front end uses the React development framework, and the back-end development does not limit the language, which greatly reduces the learning difficulty for developers and decreases unnecessary costs.

Customized Component
03Customize extension functions

KubeSphere comes up with rich and flexible functions for extension customization. You can customize extension themes, menu mounting locations, access control, page routing, internationalization and other features, and also register custom APIs into the KubeSphere API service for a callout.

Packaging Extension
04Packaging extensions

After completing the function development and customization, the front-end and back-end source codes can be built as a container image and packaged as an installation package. After testing it in your local KubeSphere Marketplace, submit it for final release if it is available.


Release KubeSphere extensions

The growth of the cloud-native panorama depends on the extensions you create. KubeSphere Marketplace provides a space for sharing and selling your extensions. When you finish the extension development, create the installation package, and fully test it in the local environment as the requirements of the KubeSphere Extension Development Guide, you can contact us to release your extensions. We will communicate with you manually about the technical integration details and sales plans, etc.


Become a partner of KubeSphere Marketplace

General domain partner program

Whether you focus on AIOps, DevOps, service mesh, Kubernetes Federation, logging management, edge computing framework, storage, networking, database, security or monitoring; no matter you are in a technology startup, a mature commercial company, or an individual developer, welcome to join us in building an open, free, flexible, and consistent container management ecosystem to help users better meet business needs and achieve innovation and development.

AI field partner program

The cloud-native extensible architecture of KubeSphere LuBan opens a new chapter for KubeSphere and AI. Whether you are an AI company in industry or an AI research institution in academia; whether you work on machine learning platform, GPU container virtualization, or GPU scheduling management and other technologies, welcome to join us and jointly build an AI cloud foundation for AI scenarios in various industries, to meet the complex needs of enterprises in AI development and application scenarios.

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