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RadonDB is a cloud-native enterprise-grade database management platform, with the goals to solve issues in database deployment and management across clouds and help enterprises adopt hybrid clouds. RadonDB applies to major database engines, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB, builds a complete data ecosystem, and enables DBaaS by using features such as data backup, disaster recovery, data exchange, and data forwarding.


  • Various database types

    Various database types

    Support major relational databases, NoSQL databases, and data-oriented services, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ClickHouse, ElasticSearch, OpenSearch, and Kafka.

  • Diverse database architecture

    Diverse database architecture

    Support various database architecture, such as standalone, HA, and read/write splitting. You can scale out database clusters for load balancing.

  • Full lifecycle management

    Full lifecycle management

    Support database deployment in a few clicks and enable features such as monitoring and alerts, backup and recovery, and performance optimization for full lifecycle O&M.

  • Standard database services

    Standard database services

    Deliver standard database services by complying with standard specifications in architecture and related regulations.


  • Security

    Configure auto backup policies to secure data and business in real time.

  • Intelligent scheduling

    Provide a unified platform to schedule resources based on business requirements, which improves resource utilization and reduces IT operational costs.

  • Easy installation

    Provide cloud-native environments and reduce the learning curve on top of KubeSphere Enterprise. You can set up your own HA database cluster in a few clicks.

  • Simple O&M

    Provide a unified database management platform that supports major database engines. You can automate resource management during the database lifecycle. This helps reduce O&M pressure and risks.

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